Metal panel roof systems are used on all types of buildings, they are lightweight, durable, and can last many years with manufacturer warranties available ranging from 20-50 years.  Metal roofs are lightweight and can perform better under extreme conditions, such as fire, hail, and wind. Metal roofs are available in many different colors and can be installed over some existing roof assemblies. There are several different types of metal panel roof systems including, 5V Crimp, Standing Seam, and Corrugated Exposed Fastener Metal Panel Systems.


A 5V panels looks like this.  It comes in different gauges or thickness of the metal and can be cut to fit.  This enables the installer to use less waste and therefore less product.  They are fastened to the roof using screws.  The fastening pattern should follow the code that is in place at the time of installation, and according to the area the building is in.  These panels can be coated with a Kynar finish or they can be a galvalume or “natural” finish.  This can be installed on most roofs, as long as they have greater than a 2 1/2:12 pitch to them.

Standing Seam

These are some of the profiles of a Standing Seam metal roof.  They are seamed together by a machine called a seamer and can be installed on all types of buildings as well.  They are generally warranted by the manufacturer and are inspected after installation to assure proper installation before the warranty is approved.  The come in many colors as well as being available in different gauges also.  Standing Seam roofs generally cost more than a 5V roof system, but they are usually more ascetically pleasing.

There are many more types of metal roofing available and if you are interested in something different than what is listed on our website please give us a call at 888-386-4412.