Tile roof systems are typically the most common type of roof chosen for a Condominium Association or for a Home Owners Association. Tile roofs provide a way to give a community the same basic look, while still allowing the buildings to have a little bit of individuality that most home owners are looking for.  Tile roofs, just like most roof coverings, come in many profiles and colors. Most manufacturers have their own names for each style, and the styles differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.  The roof tiles are available in many profiles, colors and are manufactured from either concrete or clay.

There are several different types of waterproofing underlayment’s used for tile roofs but the most preferred is a self-adhering  underlayment which will yield the best protection against the elements.

Tile roof systems can be installed using different attachment methods as well.  They can be mechanically fastened with screws, foam adhesive installed or a combination of the two. All of the methods will allow for your roof to yield long lasting performance.

One of the more frequent problems that occur with tile roof systems is that they are very susceptible to algae and mildew growth which causes the tiles to appear very dirty. Advanced Roofing & Sheetmetal offers an environmentally safe procedure to clean your roof systems.  Please contact our offices for more details.